Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry by the American Medical Association. We are celebrating the occasion with editorials in JAMA Psychiatry and JAMA Neurology. The American Medical Association launched the Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry along with several specialty journals in the first decades of the 20th century. The goal was to provide a scientific publication of high ideals that would serve researchers and experts but would also be of immediate practical value to the clinician. The Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry was published from 1919 until 1959 and replaced in 1960 by 2 new journals: the Archives of Neurology and the Archives of General Psychiatry. The Archives of General Psychiatry rapidly became a leading journal in the field, publishing original research articles of the highest scientific quality. Having one’s article accepted at the Archives was always an occasion to celebrate. With the formation of JAMA Network in 2013, the Archives of General Psychiatry was renamed JAMA Psychiatry but continued the same tradition.


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