Comparison of the Intraocular Pressure Measured Using the New Rebound Tonometer Icare ic100 and Icare TA01i or Goldmann Applanation Tonometer



We assessed the arrangement between the intraocular pressure (IOP) worth of new rebound tonometer, Icare ic100, and Icare TA01i or even Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT).
IOPs measured using Icare ic100, Icare TA01i, also GAT have been 11.7±3.0 (mean±standard deviation), 12.2±2.9, and 16.0±3.2 millimeter Hg, respectively (P<0.001, one-time analysis of variance). Icare ic100 revealed significantly lower IOPs than GAT (P0.05; Tukey-Kramer test). Bland-Altman analysis revealed that the average differences between Icare ic100 along with Icare TA01i and those involving Icare ic100 and GAT were both −0.46 and −4.2 mm Hg, respectively (95% limits of agreement, −3.35 into 2.42 and −10.10 to 1.61 mm Hg, respectively). For IOP differences involving Icare ic100 along with GAT, parameters selected in the best version were CCT (coefficient, 20.3, P=0.029), corneal curvature (3.0, P=0.020), and glaucoma-normal (−1.0, P=0.004). GAT constantly showed not IOPs than the rally tonometer Icare ic100. The difference has been affected disease curvature, as well as by CCT. We analyzed one eye each of 106 subjects (57 with primary open-angle glaucoma, 49 healthy subjects). IOP was measured twice with the patient in posture working with GAT, Icare TA01i, and the Icare ic100. Tonometer dimensions were assessed with Bland-Altman evaluation. Methods:


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