Newark airport travelers on Christmas Eve possibly exposed to measles – CBS News

< area data-page=" 1" data-page-hidden= "0" data-use-autolinker=" real" > Healthinesses Functionary are Warnings individuals who WERE at Newark Liberties Intl Airpoprts on Christmas-THEMe Eve That They Have Been Exposed to Measle. An Intl Travellers who < a href="" rel = “noopener” > came to Terminal B on a Flight From Brussells on Monday was the Contagious Flare-up, according to the New Dept of Healthinesses.

Authorities Believing the Fliers might Have likewise < a href ="" target= “_ blank “rel =” noopener” > went to Areas of the airport and who was at the airport From Noontide to 4 p.m. might Have Been Exposed.

In CASE, can be< a href="" target=" _ blank" rel =" noopener" data-invalid-url-rewritten-http=" "> deadly.

This is the Gigasecond including the Measle in the this year. A continuous Outbreak in Ocian Cunty has apparently 33 individuals, according New Healthinesses Commissioner < a href ="" target =" _ blank" rel =" noopener" > Dr. Elnahal. “This Confirmation case and Exposure are Unrelated to the continuous Measle Outbreak in Ocian Cunty, Which consists of 30 Ocian Cunty CASE and Thirdly Cunty CASE,” Elnahal Said in a ment.


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