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Weight loss has always been a challenge for me. When it comes to obesity, it is definitely something that runs in my family. I am 1.64m in height. My ideal weight is around 56.5kg (BMI 21). I have only come across 57kg once in my life. And I have never looked back since. ROTFLOL.

The maximum weight I have reached is 110kg (BMI 41) which puts me in the super-obese category (if there is one). I was extremely unhealthy then. I feel tired most of the time. I believe I had sleep apnoea then as my wife was complaining that I snored very loudly when I sleep and I do not feel fresh despite having enough sleep. Sometimes, my wife also feedback to me that I am totally dead silent for periods of time during my sleep, only to be shocked by me coughing loudly to break the silence. She has been nagging me to do something but nagging seldom results in weight loss.

It is not that I am happy to be fat/obese since young. I have my fair share of dieting and experience of weight loss products. When I was young and still in school, I was on a diet on and off. It was the type of diet where you try to eat as little as possible, making yourself miserable. Well, I never wanted to be miserable for long, so every time I stop the diet, my weight would return with a vengeance and I hit another peak. (Yeh!) It was only later that I realised this is called the yo-yo diet and weight loss is not sustainable. Of course, you can argue that CRON-diet is sustainable, but that is another topic.

Then, I tried turning vegetarian. Again, I don’t want to be miserable and miss out the meat! I was feeling very weak as well. Maybe it was because I was in my teens and growing. Weight went back up after that.

Before my enlistment into the army, I tried my best to lose weight and to build up my muscles. During the training period when I was in the army, my weight went down to around 70kg (BMI 26), not normal range, but definitely some weight loss. After the training period, due to an injury to my knee, I was no longer able to run and train as before. My weight went up, as expected to 80+kg.

The weight goes up and down throughout my whole life. I have some weight loss, but I always find it back again some time later.

How heavy you weigh is directly related to how much you eat and how much you burn. If you eat more than what your body requires, your weight goes up. If you eat less than your body’s needs, your weight loss will be successful. But if you were to starve yourself or doing prolonged fasting, your body’s natural instinct is to prevent itself from being digested away, therefore, it will lower its metabolic rate. The moment you eat more, your weight goes up and higher than before because your body is burning less than before.

For a while, I gave up trying to lose weight. I am married, busy working, there is no time to exercise (common excuse), there is not need for weight loss (I am already married). Or at least, that was what I told myself.

But then, there is a family history of hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes. Being overweight/obese puts me at a higher risk of these 3 chronic diseases. How can I convince patients to lose weight for health when they are staring at an obese doctor? I monitor my blood pressure, fasting glucose and lipids once a year. My lipids have been well-controlled. But I find my blood pressure going up with my weight, especially so once I am closing in to 40 years old. My fasting glucose was borderline too as I approach 40. I was at my wits’ end. I know weight loss is important for me and I have to do it fast. I know I have to increase output and reduce input. But it’s easier said than done!

Here comes the point where I introduce to you the greatest thing since sliced bread. The perfect, no sweat solution to lose all the weight. Dream on! There is no such thing. I repeat again, how heavy you weigh, is directly related to your intake and output.

The only thing I can direct you to is to go google for “alternate day fasting” or “alternate day calorie restriction”. There was a BBC Horizon video regarding this topic in 2012. That was the video that triggered me to lose weight. My current weight is 75.9kg while I am writing this. I will write in details in another post on how I did it.

Happy dieting in the meantime. :)

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