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[Review] Rare dyslipidaemias, from phenotype to genotype to management: a European Atherosclerosis Society task force consensus statement

Genome sequencing and gene-based therapies appear poised to advance the management of rare lipoprotein disorders and associated dyslipidaemias. However, in practice, underdiagnosis and undertreatment of these disorders are common, … Read the rest

Pyogenic Granuloma Formation Following Ahmed Valve Glaucoma Implant

imageOcular pyogenic granuloma is a benign tumor seen after ocular insult secondary to ocular surgeries, trauma or infection. Although benign, intervention is sometimes necessary. Previous authors have reported pyogenic … Read the rest

Maintaining weight loss beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes

Study Highlights: People with Type 2 diabetes who regained weight forfeited the benefits of an intensive weight loss program that reduced their heart disease and stroke risk factors.Keeping off … Read the rest

Another reason to get cataract surgery: It can make you 48% safer on the road

Researchers in Australia used a driving simulator to test patients’ vision before and after cataract surgery. They found that near misses and crashes decreased by 48% after surgery.

Oct 11 2019 This Week in Cardiology

Left main PCI vs CABG trials and TAVR vs SAVR—in this week’s podcast, Dr John Mandrola takes a deeper dive. on Medscape

Type 2 diabetes: Weight regain reduces cardiovascular benefits

New research on type 2 diabetes shows that regaining weight reverses much of the cardiovascular risk reduction that initial weight loss affords.

Molecular mechanism of botanical folk medicines used to treat hypertension

Common herbs, including lavender, fennel and chamomile, have a long history of use as folk medicines used to lower blood pressure. In a new study, researchers explain the molecular … Read the rest

Percutaneous embolization of lymphatic fistulae as treatment for protein‐losing enteropathy and plastic bronchitis in patients with failing Fontan circulation



To determine the feasibility and clinical result of selective embolization of hepatoduodenal or paratracheal lymphatics in Fontan patients with protein‐losing enteropathy (PLE) or plastic bronchitis (PB).


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Prophylactic efficacy of 5-HT<sub>4</sub>R agonists against stress

Neuropsychopharmacology, Published online: 10 October 2019; doi:10.1038/s41386-019-0540-3

Prophylactic efficacy of 5-HT4R agonists against stress

Foods to eat and avoid when hungover

Certain foods and drinks may help to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Discover what to eat and drink and what to avoid when hungover.