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Video Clip Review of WP FreshStart 5

Trainee Problems Investigates: Student Mental Health (2/3).


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Leading 1 Beauty as well as Health Tip|| The most effective …

Our bodies have in fact advanced around the use of water in our metabolic procedure, merely like we have in fact created around the use of Carbon as a framework … Read the rest

New mind pacemaker might aid deal with epilepsy, Parkinsons …

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8 ways to calm anxious thoughts

There are many ways to calm anxiety. Tips include deep breathing, drinking less caffeine, and trying other relaxation strategies. Learn more here.

Machine Learning/AI Can ID People Who Need Specialist Care for Depression

Researchers have created decision models to predict which patients might need more treatment for their depression than what their primary care provider can offer. Scientists say the algorithms are … Read the rest

Poison Center Calls Spike After Medical Marijuana Legalized

Rates of marijuana exposure cases in children and teens reported to a poison control center have doubled since Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana in 2012.
Medscape Medical News

[Comment] The CGM grey market: a reflection of global access inequity

Studies have shown that patients with type 1 diabetes who use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology have better glycaemic control than those without CGM, irrespective of their insulin delivery … Read the rest

Intensifying Antihypertensives at Discharge Tied to Adverse Events

Intensifying antihypertensive regimens of older adults who were hospitalized for noncardiac conditions is associated with several harms and doesn’t appear to reduce cardiovascular events, a…

Football scores a health hat-trick for 55- to 70-year-old women with prediabetes

A new study shows that football is a surprisingly efficient type of physical training for female prediabetes patients, with impressive effects on cardiovascular health after 16 weeks of training … Read the rest