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Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) in Severe and Refractory Glaucoma

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Personalized 'eye-in-a-dish' models reveal genetic underpinnings of macular degeneration

Using stem cells derived from six people, researchers recapitulated retinal cells in the lab. This ‘eye-in-a-dish’ model allowed them to identify genetic variants that cause age-related macular degeneration, a … Read the rest

Ways to prevent gestational diabetes

Although it is not always possible to prevent gestational diabetes, eating well and exercising regularly to achieve or maintain a healthy weight can reduce the risk. Learn more here.… Read the rest

Eat walnuts to lower blood pressure, new study suggests

The authors of a new study conclude that for people already at risk of cardiovascular disease, adding walnuts to a low-fat diet could lower that risk.

Injections of a novel protein reduced artery blockage by enhancing lymphatic vascular function in mice

Mice that received injections of a protein called VEGF-C experienced about a 30% reduction in artery blockage compared to untreated mice. The VEGF-C injections improved lymphatic transport, limited plaque … Read the rest

Podcast: Social Anxiety, Delusions, Rejection, and Mental Illness!

Most people suffer from certain social anxieties. Just the idea of speaking in front of a crowd can make otherwise confident people break into a nervous sweat. Read the rest

People fail to recognize male postnatal depression

A new study shows that people are almost twice as likely to correctly identify signs of postnatal depression in women than in men.

[Personal Review] Understanding the mechanisms of reversal of type 2 diabetes

Clinical and pathophysiological studies have shown type 2 diabetes to be a condition mainly caused by excess, yet reversible, fat accumulation in the liver and pancreas. Within the liver, … Read the rest

Glaucoma Research Foundation Kicks Off the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative

The Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative builds on 16 years of seminal scientific research, with an aim to cure glaucoma and restore vision.

Dementia: eat better, exercise, and reduce smoking and drinking to cut risk

WHO research highlights lifestyle factors linked to increased risk of disease

Taking better care of ourselves could be the best long-term strategy to tackling the growing problem of dementia, … Read the rest